Corporate Donation

We invite you to join us to fulfill the above social objectives. You can donate new goods or used items to us. We either distribute them to the disadvantaged (home alone elderly, street sleepers, ex-prisoners and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance recipients), or sell them in our Family Stores and make use of the net proceeds to fund our community services that covers the elderly, youths, children, family, the disabled and the marginalized. Through the professional work of The Salvation Army, we help the needy and strive to build a better community in Hong Kong.


1. Point to point pick-up Service

Alternatively, you can contact our Recycling Hotline to arrange pick-up service for donation of large quantity, e.g. 5 large bags of clothing. Please notify us in advance for logistical arrangement. We will arrange pick-up according to the actual situation.

  • When we come to collect in-kind donations, our logistics team will be in uniform and with a name badge on it. They will issue an official receipt to the donor on the spot. The receipt will show the category and quantity of donations received.
  • We will ask the donor to sign on the official receipt to verify the accuracy of the content stated on it.
  • Pick-up service is not available for tenement buildings, buildings without elevator or located on outlying islands or remote districts.

2. Where to Donate?

Companies or organizations can donate goods to Family Stores or any of The Salvation Army  Donation Centre :

  • Hong Kong Island:
   The Salvation Army Wan Chai Donation Centre
   G/F, 31 Wood Road, Wan Chai (opposite PCCW Telephone Building) 
   Service hours: Monday to Sunday 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

  • Kowloon:
   The Salvation Army Territory Headquarters Donation Centre
   G/F, No. 11, Wing Sing Lane, Yau Ma Tei 
   Service hours: Monday to Sunday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

   The Salvation Army Tai Hang Tung Donation Centre
   G/F, 1 Lung Chu Street, Tai Hang Tung
   Service hours: Monday to Sunday 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

  • New Territories:
   The Salvation Army Recycling Programme Logistics Centre
   G/F, Tung Chun Industrial Building block A, 9-11 Cheung Wing Road, Kwai Chung
   Service hours: Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Closed on Public Holidays)

Our Support

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  • Hotline and WhatsApp service hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday (Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays)  
  • Pick-up and delivery of recycling materials/recycling banks can be completed within five working days at the earliest*
  • Logistic team in Uniform and bring along staff cards
  • An official receipt will be issued on the spot
  • Provide poster to every donor for the campaign, including time, date and location
  • Report will shows the category and quantity of donations received

*depending upon logistic availability, please contact us for more detail.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

The enterprise itself is also a part of society. The so-called “taken from the society and giving back to the society”, as a corporate citizen, a corporate donor, participation in community development, and emphasis on environmental protection, are gratitude and feedback that can help the social development and is also more conducive to the development of its own business.

  • Corporate profits and ROI
  • Brand image and customer trust
  • Corporate innovation
  • Employee coherence, mission, and satisfaction & Investor trust in business
  • Shaping a good corporate image
  • Attract investment and increase the source of corporate funds 

What do corporate supporters do?

Thanks to the hundreds of companies among them are Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, HK Disneyland, and Mendoza that give us support in many ways: donation of excess goods, or organizing staff used item collection campaigns, or running joint consumer promotions. These companies demonstrate themselves as:

  • Role models 
  • They are acting as leaders in their industries to bring social changes that lead to a better society
  • Organizations practicing corporate social responsibility (CSR) 
  • They are responsible companies that give back to society and care for the environment

Who are our corporate supporters?
The Salvation Army got various support from corporate donors, such as Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, The Dairy Farm Company, Limited - Wellcome, and Mendoza etc.

Our Appreciation

On behalf of all the people that have received our services through the years, we are very thankful for the generosity of the donors. They help to bring social changes that benefit society. To show our appreciation, we present them with certificates of appreciation, nominate them as Caring Company, and disseminate publication of news via press release, website and Facebook.

Win-win Situation

Through your donations, you can build a good corporate image in the eyes of the customers, their employees, investors and the media. Their benevolence provides a competitive advantage in terms of brand differentiation based on ethical values and social contribution. They win customer favor, staff loyalty and public respect.

Contact us

We sincerely invite you to support The Salvation Army Recycling Programme for charity and help the needy with The Salvation Army. Please send email to our Marketing Team:

For other enquiries, please Whatsapp (852) 9688-5670 (text messages only) or call (852) 2332-4433 during office hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm / closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) Contact us by email at